This was a project I completed whilst at university. We picked a year out of a hat and had to come up with a printed infographic on any topic as long as it was related to that year. I chose the year 1990. Naturally, I instantly googled that year, clicked on the Wikipedia link, and skim read everything that happened.

Where I landed for my graphic was... The first Russian McDonald's opened. Why? Well I thought the colours of the Soviet Union and McDonald's were similar whilst having really different political connotations, and that I might be able to do something mildly clever with it. I didn't do anything clever, because I'm not actually clever enough to make any solid points about Globalisation/Capitalism/Communism/Anything via the medium of graphic design, so what I ended up with was a fairly standard infographic with little constructivist nods and hints.

One of my first proper forays into any real design, the only limitation was that the print had to be at least 420x420mm.

Mine was exactly that.

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